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Integrative Massage Therapy

​Rachel specializes in getting her clients out of pain. She has found through years of experience, that the technique with the highest success rate has actually been a blend of several techniques. Often this means your massage will include deep tissue, a little Swedish, and some stretching. Some people respond best to myofascial work. This varies for each client, of course. Some people may need strictly deep work, while others may respond better to Swedish massage. Integrative massage is finding the balance that works best for you as an individual.

  • 30 minutes for $40
  • 45 minutes for $55
  • 60 minutes for $70
  • 75 minutes for $85
  • ​90 minutes for $100
  • 120 minutes for $130

How long should I book for?

That depends, what is going on with your body? Do you have one area that is giving you trouble or do you have multiple areas that you want addressed in your massage? What are your long term pain relief goals? I generally suggest an hour as a good starting place. If you're really wanting a full body massage and you also want focused pain relieving work done on an area then I'd suggest either reassessing your full body request or booking additional time. If you are serious about getting and staying out of pain, then you should consider multiple sessions close together. For best results, this means twice a week. Booking an hour massage once a month is certainly better than nothing at all, but I find that it is much harder to make progress with chronic pain issues because the muscles keep going back to the patterns that they're used to being held in. To make progress, we need to make big changes with your muscular patterns and that is done most effectively if massages are frequent, at least at the start of your treatment plan. If you have any questions at all about how long to book or how frequently (or anything!), Rachel is more than happy to answer them!

To avoid a 50% charge, 24 hour notice is required for appointment cancellations. In the event of a no show or a cancellation within 3 hours of your scheduled time, you will be charged 100% of the scheduled session cost. 

Book your massage by calling or texting Rachel at (336)324-0080 or online by clicking the link below.